Dooyeweerd – Chapter 2

For healthy reality one must comprehend the relationship of various aspects of reality. All aspects of reality basically include: mathematics, physics and chemistry, biology, psychology, logic, history, linguistics, sociology, economics, aesthetics, legal theory, ethics, and theology. Each has a sovereign sphere, yet none exist alone or above the others. To place one aspect, say history, as the guiding principle of reality, would lead to a degeneration of society (for example: the unrestrained state absolutism that resulted from Rome’s two opposing societal spheres – familia and the Roman state). Sphere Sovereignty legitimizes all aspects of life as separate pieces of the spectrum of true reality. This reality, founded by God from creation, is discernable to man, despite sin, by way of God’s common grace. Only with the above in mind will man be capable of distinguishing between reactionary digression and substantial progress in history and present day.


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