Dooyeweerd Chapter 3

The Christian antithesis is an influential and necessary cultural element of Dutch nationalism. It provides the mandate of cultural development, which can identify progress, while historicism provides relativism and deconstruction. Culture, conserved by tradition, reveals itself alongside human experience through unfolding aspects (spheres) of reality in accordance with their creation-nature and in balance with the others. The formation of cultural norms (or what ought to be) supplies the principles to discern progressive/reactionary behavior. Communities that employ undifferentiated solo-spheres are primitive, creation-suppressive, and often fail to contribute a lasting influence to history. Over-extension of one sphere (including Christian spirituality) will inevitably backlash. Individualization of cultures (i.e. nationalism) and individuals is indicative of progress, though there is no one correct expression of nationalism. Totalitarianism presents the threat of digression to the un-differentiated state (born of “blood and soil”). To exile the traditionally formative Christian antithesis would truly threaten Dutch society.


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