Dooyeweerd – Chapter 4

Faith constitutes the antithesis between Christianity and apostate ground-motives. All faiths operate within the same structure, separate from logical thought, as the certain link between temporal and eternal. Christian faith is dependent on God’s revelation in time, orienting all aspects of reality toward God. The Bible progressively discloses truth for the Christian faith, while apostate faiths absolutize relative aspects within creation. Apostate faith is capable of cultural disclosure through God’s common grace. Belief in personal gods leads humans to develop progressively rational awareness of individuality with universal interest. In this way rationalism is the guide from closed-cultures to cultures where people may act historically. Still, the Christian ground-motive is the only pure and accurate foundation upon which to build culture, because apostate ground-motives intrinsically foster disharmony that will avenge itself. The antithesis is this: man either serves God or gods, and the foundation of society is forged in this decision.


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