I once knew a guy who could peel and eat a whole orange without getting the juice on his fingers. Then there is me, with juice all over my hands and dribbling down my face. This little orange had been in my office drawer for the past couple weeks. Gross, you might be thinking. Yeah, OK, but I was hungry and that was the only thing around to eat. So I’m sitting here, fingers and mouth dripping, when the thought occurs to me: oranges are never appealing until you see the inside.

It’s funny because there is a pun in there – appeal, peel, the need to peel an orange to get to the inside. OK, you get it.

This reminds me of life. I bet a bunch of things are similar (holding back a banana reference, but unsuccessfully, dang), at least in my life – a bit naive, a bit happenstance, a bit messy and unsophisticated, a bit comical, a bit painful (I almost cut myself with the plastic knife), and a bit … well you’ll see…


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