Grandma and Grandpa Thompson

Every Sunday we go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Sometimes Grandma and Grandpa on Mom’s side, always Grandma and Grandpa on Dad’s side. Dad says he’s training us for when we grow up and have kids.

If we go to Grandma and Grandpa on Mom’s side we go in the morning, and we are probably going to get in trouble. The house is soft and clean, and I like the way the carpet feels on my bare feet. We have to go in the basement to play, and we are not to go near the furnace or we’ll get a time out, or a spanking or something.

The cement floor in the basement is cold against my feet and it just begs for you to run. We run around, me, Jon, Michelle, and Adam, and have races and obstacle courses. The furnace makes for the best obstacles because its big and metal and you can climb over and under all these pipes that stick out behind it. Sometimes we hit our heads and there is a big bang sound, and Grandma yells down the stairs, you kids stay away from that furnace! We play tennis with Grandpa’s old rackets and whatever ball we can find. A lot of the time the balls hit the furnace and make a loud bang and Grandma yells down the stairs again. Sometimes Grandpa comes downstairs and shows us how to swing the tennis racket and hit the ball. Nice and easy, he says, and he swings his racket to show us, nice and easy. Grandpa doesn’t talk a lot, but when he does his voice is deep, soft, and slow. It reminds me of the shiny brown leather chair in his office that we aren’t allowed in. It would be the perfect comfy voice for a bedtime story. Nice and easy, he says.

When its warm outside, and not muddy, we can go outside and play. Grandma says not to be bringing any mud inside her house. The back yard is long and filled with grass. There are stone bunnies and ducks sitting in scratchy red gravel around the back porch. We run to the back of the yard where there is a swing set behind some other house. We play there, and other kids come out of the house and play with us until its time to go back inside.

Grandma makes us scrambled eggs in the microwave and we drink milk out of blue cups that look a lot like the blue cups that disappeared from our house. Use two hands, Grandma says. I ask Dad about the cups and he laughs. We all used to fight over the blue cups at home so he sent them to Grandma’s house, but now that the blue cups are gone we all fight over the green cups instead. They are always sending our good things to Grandma’s house, like the box of toys and stuffed animals we discovered in the basement.

Sometimes Grandma has cookies in a cookie jar on the counter, and we get to reach in and take one for ourselves when we are leaving. If we are good we can take two. My favorite is the pink crunchy kind with a creamy sugar in the middle, but any color will do. We get hugged and say goodbye and its off to our other Grandma and Grandpa’s house we go.


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