My Life List

Some people make lists of the things they want to do in their lifetime. I think that’s great. For me, I think any sort of life checklist would look different than these. I’ve already done a lot of stuff in my life. I’ve traveled to far regions of the world, climbed mountains, snorkeled in varied waters, attended monumental-historical events. I’ve trusted strangers, delved in cultures, lobbied others, and learned from campfires. I’ve been the active passenger of crystal clear rivers, Bedouin steered camels, 747s, and more varieties of public transportation anyone could hope for.  But if I were to make a list of things I would hope to do before I die, I do not think experiences like these would make the list. Why? Probably because, while these things have been fantastic life-enriching experiences, they are quickly passing. They cause you to learn much about the world, and even more about yourself. Lessons I have learned from around the world include: the depth of the human heart, the breathtaking variation of nature, possibility (in its many forms), and a wanderer’s longing for someone to share it all with. If I were to make a list now… it would be a list of things I hope to create. Life and expressions thereof. And if I die before my list is complete there will be no regrets, because my life has been so full already, I have shared it with many, and have found the one person to share it all with.

OK, enough with the sappy. What’s on my list? Here are some things I’ve been thinking of:

Baby (!, just not yet)
A tree from a seed (it’s in my fridge right now)
A house (remodel)
A landscape
A photograph (I know I’ve made a lot of photographs, but this one is different, I’ll know it when I see it)
A song
A book
A business

More to come…


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