My Silver Lining in Green

As an AmeriCorps VISTA, for the past 10.5 months I have been legally prohibited from making any sort of additional income. To do so would result in me losing my position as well as end of the year stipend. Now, those of you who know me know I am not fond of imposition – specifically imposition in the form of laws that ought not to be laws; in fact I tend to rise up against them naturally. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that having this restriction placed on me throughout the past year has brought to light (or perhaps created) my own entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve gained a lot of skill in stretching money, but now, as my VISTA year is drawing to a close, I look forward to expanding this skill from saving money to making money. In a previous post expressed my desire to be my own boss. In this post I will lay out some ideas as to how I plan to begin establishing independent streams of income. If you have other suggestions that I should consider please feel free to contribute these and other comments via the comments section at the bottom of the post. As always, thanks for reading!

Things I am going to do when I finish my time as an AmeriCorps VISTA:

  • Get married and honeymoon (I know this is off subject, but Oh so great!)

–       then –

  • Open and sites to sell my awesome designs on merchandise (maybe a site too, and if these are successful maybe I’ll just open my own website)
  • Check with the local town hall about starting my own business: Kristen’s Creative Investments (or something like that)
  • Create an LLC, establish a wealth account, and generally put to work the things I learned from The Millionaire Maker, by Loral Langemeier, and continue learning
  • Try my hand at interior design/decorating
  • Advertise proofreading/indexing/etc. services to academics (specifically profs looking to publish in fields I have background in)
  • Advertise scrapbooking services on Craigslist – I’ll have to make a website for this showing work I’ve done so people can choose the styles they like best, then have them send their photos, materials, and book, or have them email me their photos and express their style preferences then print and purchase the items myself and figure the price into their final bill (which would probably be the more cost-effective option because I’m good at stretching people’s money)
  • Get back to a good level of physical fitness and then pursue a certification for teaching group fitness/dance classes
  • Do family histories by interviewing others’ family members, especially the elderly, and then writing a history/autobiography for the family. I suspect I’ll have to develop my interviewing skills to get to really interesting information. It would probably be a good idea to see if this is something I’d be interested in all the way up until completion, so maybe I’ll test it out for free first with a family I know.
  • Try out mystery shopping at or

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