Steps Towards a Happily-Ever-After

Hello webbies,

It’s been a while since my last post. I guess things have been pretty busy. I mean, there is so much detail that goes into a wedding, and starting a new life in a new town, and finding a new job, and all that lies between. There is a lot of change at one time. To those of you who have gone before us (me and Erik), I salute you: Holly & Simon, Jon & Ali, Doris & Geno, Amber & Ryan, Esther & John, Courtney & Tony, Stacey & Dave, congratulations!

So here are some updates:

Erik and I signed our lease  in Sycamore two days ago. The apartment is great – second floor, two bedrooms,two bathrooms, awesome kitchen (with a dishwasher! – one of my top must-haves), washer & dryer, fireplace, porch, community pool and workout room. I’ll post pictures when we move in. The move in date also happens to be Erik’s birthday! We are so excited.


The job hunt is on in full force. I’ve found a great strategy in finding open positions in a new area is to visit the town’s chamber of commerce website. These sites usually contain a directory of many businesses that operate in the area. You can click the links to go directly to the businesses own site, see if they are hiring, and apply directly. I’ve found listings for jobs and other opportunities I wouldn’t have know of otherwise going about the search in this way. I also learned of a photo competition at a local frame shop and submitted some of my art. Not enough people submitted for the competition to actually happen, but the photos that were submitted will hang on display for a few weeks – which I think is pretty cool.

Cake tasting rocks. And we picked and ordered our cake. Thanks to Holly & Simon for having such an amazing cake at your wedding, and to Buba for recommending the vendor to Erik & I. Not to give anything away, but the Chateau is actually providing the dessert that will be served to everyone (not cake – but super tasty!). The cake is for smashing or serving… we haven’t decided yet. If you’d like to vote whether I should smash cake in Erik’s face or feed it to him nicely, voice your opinion here and your vote may be considered in the outcome. =D

Snail mail. You are not as reliable as I believed you to be. Invitations get lost, apparently. If you didn’t get yours, please let Erik or I know.

Registering for things is super enjoyable. I’ve discovered I like to shop at I time when I have no money. It’s probably safer that way. Haha. Here are the links to our registries:


Erik & I have made it into the second season of our favorite show: Babylon 5. Of course he’s seen the whole thing before, but it’s new to me. I highly recommend it. It is brilliant.

Also, Erik is thinking about starting a blog. This is either VERY good or VERY bad, depending on whether you would welcome the onset of his totalitarian government in your area. I’m looking forward to the blog, in particular because I love to show people how smart he is. Erik is a prodigy, just ask him, he’ll probably say he’s not and then persuade you subconsciously that he is. Because if there is anything Erik is, second to being a prodigy, it’s persuasive. (Exibit A: our future landlord insisted we needed a co-signer – add Erik, stir, and ten minutes later we don’t need a cosigner. That’s my man!)

Anyhow, that’s my update for now. Time to tour friend’s blogs to see what you guys have been up to.



2 thoughts on “Steps Towards a Happily-Ever-After

  1. Can’t wait for the wedding and am in favor of you feeding Erik and not smashing the cake. I would LOVE an Erik blog as any peek inside that brilliant head is fun.

  2. Sounds like your’e having a great time. Also, I’m super jealous of your new place. It sounds kick ass, and the fireplace is SUCH a luxury. I guarantee you’ll get addicted to it.

    Love you guys. Congratulations!

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