Monumental Inconsequential Firsts

Today was a day of firsts for me.
Not only was today the first time I tried to dye flowers by adding food-coloring to their captive drink supply,
the first time I was asked what the color scheme was going to be for
mine & Erik’s new living room,
or the first time I visited the family dentist and got pronounced to be cavity free.

But today was the first time in my adult life that I haven’t had a savings account.
It is the first time anyone offered to sell me their business.
It is the first time I successfully sold anything on eBay.
And it’s the first time I started a grill – and cooked food on – it all by myself.

Sure the dye didn’t take and the flowers are wilting,
I have no idea what color scheme the apartment will be or where
the furnature will come from to put in it,
the dentist had no craters to fill (but my teeth feel awesomely clean),
I have half the bank accounts I used to have and twice the amount of
intentional direction,
there is no way I’m in the position to be buying businesses
(but I got a phone number and an invitation to learn),
Michelle may have taught me how to bid on your own items to raise the final bid amount and profit on your eBay sale, – totally unethical… I do not endorse… –
and the chicken did turn out a tad charred…

None the less, today was monumental…
and I almost didn’t even notice.


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